The Easiest Way to Raise Money on the Planet!

Is your organization raising money using silent auction bidding?

It's a great way to raise money for your favorite cause or event, however it can be a lot of work to set up and manage.

Well, we have the solution!


Using this modern way to accept bids, you can be receiving money from bidders in as little as 15 minutes.

Who Should Use Text2Bid? 
Well, hundreds of types and kinds of events and organizations.

Sports Teams and Leagues
Religious Organizations
Health Related Causes
Children's Groups
Veteran's Groups
Advocacy Groups
Community Action Groups
Fairs and Festivals
Sporting Events

Some of Our Customers

Text2Bid Benefits

Easy to Use

Text2Bid is the easiest way to run an auction, bidders simply bid from their own phone.

Make More Per Auction Item

Once a new bid for an item is entered, everyone who has bid on the item is notified. They can then up their bid and create a bidding frenzy.

Bid From Anywhere

Since the auction is on the phone, bidders bid from anywhere with no restrictions.

Colette R.

Auction Chair in WA State

Our gala was definitely a success and the guest feedback was very positive with regards to the improved user experience around bidding, not to mention the ease from a data management standpoint in capturing bids and winners.

Virtual Auctions

Forget having to get a venue, serve a dinner, and hiring a staff just to raise money. Using Text2Bid is simple and much more cost effective.

No Infrastructure Set Up

Text2Bid is hosted in the cloud. You don't need to pay for hosting accounts, servers, and all of that confusing stuff. Text2Bid is ready when you are, whether there 100 or 100,000 guests involved.

No App Required

Text2Bid works instantly with no apps, downloads, or installations required.

Active Yield Soft Close

Active Yield, Soft Close is a two-fold feature that both increases revenue and protects bidders from last-minute snipers.

Christian J.

Orchestra Event Planner, in GA

The event went really well and we surpassed our goal on funds raised through the silent auction! I know that we will definitely be using Text2Bid for next year's event.

Full Reporting

Text2Bid provides event managers with a robust, real-time reporting system.

Virtual Raffle

Instantly create a raffle and sell digital tickets. The winner is automatically notified with Text2Bid.

Sell Sponsorships

Get a local business to sponsor your silent auction! Sell the space on the intro screen of Text2Bid to the most interested advertiser!

Sell Merchandise

It's great to get bids, but you can also sell anything you want, digital or real! Just enter in the item details and post it.

Try It Now

Text AUCTION to 71760. Just send a text like you normally do. It's easy.

Tonia H.

Health Service Organization in MO

Text2Bid was great. Text2Bid really drove up the auction yields on some of the great autographed memorabilia we offered.

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